06 July 2011

July Observations - What Have You Been Seeing?

It's July, the weather is glorious, and summer is here!  This is the time when lots of folks are getting outside, taking hikes, exploring the rivers, going on backpacking trips.  Please share what you're seeing (and where you're finding it!).  

Two weeks ago I went on an amble up Waterworks Hill and saw a family of mountain bluebirds: 
The parents were feeding their little fledgling, who must have been just out of the nest:
Aside from this lovely sight, I saw several other bird species, including:

western meadowlark
black-headed grosbeak
American goldfinch
black-billed magpie
northern flicker
warbler sp.
chipping sparrow
eastern kingbird
western bluebird
house finch
red-breasted nuthatch
    So--what are you finding, on your outdoor explorations? 
    We would love to hear about it!


    1. The cordilleran flycatchers have again nested on my electric meter box, and are about to fledge their babies. This is about the 6th year that they have nested there. See last summer on this blog for blow by blow account with photos - it's very much the same this year!

    2. Here's the direct link to the photos. It appears that this year's nesting is about a week behind last year.