27 January 2010

We at MNHC want to create a space for the naturalists of Western Montana to share their observations, stories, and pictures of the natural world.

"The first bitterroots are blooming on Waterworks Hill!"

"I saw mountain lion tracks while backcountry skiing in Glacier!"

"The osprey have returned to their nest in McCormick Park!"

We want to know when the migratory birds return in the spring, when the huckleberries are ripe, where the elusive lynx have been spotted.

We invite you to join us in sharing your observations and questions. Post your comments on our page, or send information and pictures to office@montananaturalist.org, and we'll post them here--giving you credit, of course. We would also love for you to send us your questions, and we will provide answers here for all to see.

Let the fun begin!