28 February 2011

Great Grey Owl Sighting

 This past weekend, Robin Childers, one of our Master Naturalists, got a call from a friend that a Great Grey Owl was hanging out in their neighborhood.  She dashed over, camera in hand, to investigate, and got some lovely pictures of this beautiful bird, who was hanging out on a powerline on 7th St. in the Target Range area.  
 Great grey owls hunt during the daytime, and this one seemed very tolerant of the small crowd of curious folk nearby.  
 What exciting wildlife have you been seeing lately?  Please share!


  1. We just saw a Great Grey Owl at Georgetown Lake on Saturday, March 26th - the first one I've ever seen. It was hunting from a perch in a very small ponderosa pine in daylight at around 7 pm. Then it flew up and landed on our deck just 15 feet outside the window where we were sitting. We got a very good look, and I did get pictures, but nowhere near as good as Robin's photos.

  2. Is this copyrighted?

  3. For copyright information, you can contact Allison at adejong@montananaturalist.org.

  4. We saw the Georgetown Lake Great Grey twice more within the next couple weeks, hunting from the treetops, then he/she was gone, hopefully to return next winter.
    Now it's mountain bluebirds and tree swallows.

  5. such a good photo you got there. I have mine in my blog site that focuses on natural terrains. if you like we could share photos.

    Drei|grey scrubs