31 August 2010

What Have YOU Seen?

We so appreciate Kim Birck sending us her observations this summer, and we want to know what everyone else is seeing on their excursions out and about in Montana (and beyond!).  So, what have you seen this summer?  



Bald eagles?  

Cedar waxwings?  

Here's a picture of a western tanager that I saw while hiking up the main trail of the Rattlesnake at the beginning of the summer:

Post your observations in the comment section, or send an email to adejong [at] montananaturalist.org if you have pictures you'd like to share.  We can't wait to hear from you!

1 comment:

  1. On August 23rd, at 11;15 a.m. a cow moose crossed Snowbowl Road between Grant Creek Road and the bridge over Grant Creek.

    As I came around the corner, it stood big and black in a driveway and my subconscious recognized it immediately and said "moose". Then I did a double-take as my brain kicked in and said "Whoa, that IS a moose!" It's the first I've seen in 24 years of living in this neck of the woods. A couple of winters ago a neighbor reported seeing a cow and calf in the neighborhood, and I looked for and found big post-hole footprints that could only have been made by a moose, but this broad daylight sighting was pretty cool.

    The moose trotted across the road and into the wooded yards on the south side of the road. I've heard no other reports of moose here this summer.