14 June 2010

Waterworks Wonders

Waterworks Hill, Missoula, MT.  A local, easy hike.  I go up there every once in awhile with a friend or out-of-town guests.  In the past week, however, I've walked up the ridge to visit this little spot three different times.  The weeks of rain we've had have been great for the wildflowers, and they are blooming in delightful, chaotic profusion.  I'm not even sure what my favorite ones are:

The bright yellow woolly groundsel (Senecio canus), with its dusty grey-green leaves?

Or the white-pink clusters of buckwheat (Eriogonum ovalifolium)?

Perhaps I like looking up and watching the mountain bluebirds fluttering about, still as miraculously blue as they were earlier this spring?

Or the fragrant, fuzzy yarrow (Achillea millefolium), which is bursting into white blooms?

They're all lovely, and striking in their own unique ways.  But the two that are most beautiful to me--the two that I simply can't decide between--are the fascinating bitterroots (Lewisia rediviva)--Montana's state flower!--

and the impossibly vivid purply-blue penstemon (Penstemon spp)

Most spectacular of all, however, is the way they all look together.

On Sunday the flowers were still going strong--so you still have time to get out and see them!  Go!  Now!

And enjoy!


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