06 May 2010

Kids vs. BEETLES

  It's been a busy time for us here at MNHC.  Visiting Naturalist field trips are in full swing, summer camp registration is booming and we're switching up things at the front desk.  I, Julia, will be leaving Missoula in a few weeks to begin a new adventure.  My fiance and I will be taking a 9-month long trip around the world starting in June.  I am thrilled about traveling and equally thrilled that we were able to find an excellent new office manager to hold down the fort.  Her name is Debra Jones and she hails from Spokane, WA.  She enjoys traveling with her husband, J.P. and hiking with her hardy-for-her-size Shorkie, Luna.  Make sure you say hi to her next time you come down to the center!

  A few weeks ago Annika Johns visited us to lead a Kid's Activity about beetles, a subject she researches at the university under Professor Doug Emlen.  The kids were so excited to hold beetle larva and learn about the life cycle of beetles. 


  A big thanks to Annika and her (hopefully not too scared) horned beetles.  The kids had a great time!

Be sure to join us at MNHC this Saturday, May 8th for another insect Kid's Activity.  This time, our very own Jessie Sherburne will be helping kids learn to identify different insects and take the group out on a bug-capturing adventure.  See you there!

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