08 April 2010

Live Owl Cam

Osprey Update: 

We're watching the osprey out the windows this morning! It looks like the female may be sitting on eggs already, and the male is hovering above the river, looking for lunch. Take a look if you're walking the river trail today!


 If you can't wait to see some chicks, I highly recommend checking out the Owl Box on ustream.  This barn owl, Molly, has gained nationwide attention after a California couple set up an owl box with a video camera in their backyard.  Molly laid some eggs while cyberspace looked on.   If you watch long enough, you can even catch Molly bringing back tasty morsels for her chicks. 

Nature and technology collide in interesting ways!

Despite the variable weather, feathered friends and bright blossoms are popping up all over the valley.  Please send us any accounts of what you're seeing in your backyard. Pictures are welcomed and encouraged!  Email your observations to office at montananaturalist.org

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