26 February 2010

Weekly Round-Up February 26th

Can you believe February is almost over? Based on the weather, can you believe it was ever February at all?

All of us at MNHC are getting excited for the weekend (which for some of us, starts on Sunday). We are dog-tired but thrilled at all the great programming we put on this week - everything from Teachers' Workshops to Center Visits to Evening Lectures to the Master Naturalist classes. This week had it all!

Wednesday brought us an awesome lecture by University of Montana student Shannon Hilty about her research on pikas. Shannon has monitored pikas all over the Bitterroot region and is studying their habitat patterns.

These adorable little creatures are potential forecasters of rising temperatures. Due to their high sensitivity to heat, pikas are believed by some biologists to be an early-warning indicator of climate change in their habitats. Shannon is working on estimating the pika population in the Bitterroots and identifying the range of elevation they tolerate. Her research will eventually help biologists determine if there is a correlation between pika movement and climate change.

As we get ready for the weekend, take a look at the following interesting links:

Looking for a pair of ostrich boots? The Fish and Wildlife Service is auctioning off exotic contraband in Texas this week.

The Missoula Independent reports on the mysteries surrounding Colorado's first potential wolf pack in 70 years.

Montana Snowbowl is hosting its annual Gelande Championship this weekend. Think of it as Missoula's answer to the Olympics.

Our friends at Montana Wildlife Gardener profile the building of an outdoor grill shed. Burgers anyone?

That's it for now! If you have any news or would like to share pictures of your adventures in the Montana outdoors, please email us at office (@) montananaturalist.org. We want to hear from you!

Have a great weekend everyone! Have as much fun as this elk calf, in a video sent to us by friend of MNHC Ellen!

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